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As treadmills can show how your body works during the exercise, they are more beneficial than running outdoor in order to know about your body. They inform you about the exercise capacity of your body, you start burning fat or carbohydrate or whether cardiovascular exercise has started.

The most important feature of the treadmill is that it provides information that will increase your sports awareness. Exercising the body with 65% capacity will make you burn fat, while exercising the body with 85% capacity will make you burn carbohydrate. By exercising your heart in this way, you gain condition. You can determine whether you burn fat or carbohydrate with a treadmill informing you about how much calorie you burn up (as a fat or carbohydrate). You can find treadmills with these features for very affordable prices in real,-.

Flexible and soft ground of the treadmill prevents pressure on the joints.

Important note: You should not run without a shoe. The treadmill should not be used with sock or bare foot when you are at home. This might cause a significant damage on your joints.